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Tuesday to Sunday

from 10 am to 7 pm

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Monday - Sunday

from 9 am to 00 am

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Bord'eaux Village

On the banks of the Garonne
Open every Sunday

Hangars 15 à 19
Quai des Chartrons 33300 Bordeaux


520 places

Single entry through Hangar 19
until work ends

By car

Drive to the Q-Park parking lot: Hangar 15 entrance (closed during work, Hangar 19 entrance only).

On foot

Go for a stroll! Follow the Quais (from the Quinconces) to the Cité du Vin. Along the way, take in the view from the banks of the Garonne. Take a breath, get inspired and let all your troubles float away!

Sightseeing bus

Et HOP !” Take the next HOP On-HOP Off! Stop at Hangar 15 - Cours du Médoc, your ideal entrance point, and why not pay a visit to the Cité du Vin two steps away?

By bike

Do the whole tour! Ride to the Village by bike—there’s no end to the routes—and two VCub bike-sharing stations are available at Hangars 15 and 17.

By Tramway 

Take the B Line! Two stations leave you right in front of Bord’eau Village : Cours du Médoc (H15) et Les Hangars (H17).

By boat

Take a boat ride! For only €1.50 (free for under-fives), hop on the BATCUB on one of four floating docks for a cruise down the Garonne : Stalingrad - Quinconces - Les Hangars : us ! - Bas Lormont.